What are Generics?

Generic is a complete analogue of the original drug. The main difference is in price and the design of both package and pills.  Many people are interested in the difference between a generic and an original preparation. First of all, both of them contain the same components and active substance.

Secondly, their name is almost the same – as the original name is patented and registered, therefore they cannot be used by other companies, except for the direct developer (if the name is used by third-party producers, it is illegal). If you use the same components, but under a different name, there will be no legal claims from the developer. Naturally, the packaging design will be different.

Generics are produced at specialized pharmacological enterprises located in India, since the corresponding industry of this country has the necessary production capacities and raw materials. It’s worth mentioning that the companies that produce original drugs (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Dapoxetine), also produce their generics – this allows them to occupy this segment of the market.


Why the Price is Lower?

In order to develop an original drug, a pharmaceutical company needs 10-15 years and still has the same deadline for clinical trials. Some of the new drugs do not pass such tests, and the company must return the money spent on them by increasing the cost of drugs that are successfully sold. For the production of generics, a ready-made substance is already used, which does not need to be additionally tested and tested, respectively, its cost is lower than the original.

According to statistics, almost every original preparation has its own generic or analogue. The only exceptions are unique drugs that treat AIDS and cancer, because the correct ratio of all components is particularly important in them.


Are Generics of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis 100% Analogues of their Branded Versions?

Before entering the generic market, Levitra, Viagra and Cialis undergo multiple tests and clinical studies, so they are approved for use in many countries. Naturally, to take such drugs is necessary only according to the instructions, having previously studied the recommendations, side effects and contraindications. According to statistics, after taking generics, it may appear that the erection without their application is significantly worse than with them in quality and duration, but it passes after several receptions.


The Main Info on the Usage

If a man does not have erectile dysfunction, he can do without taking such drugs. The consequences of taking and difficulties after stopping his admission do not arise. Quite often the decision to buy a generic Viagra is taken by men aged 20-25 years who want to somehow diversify their sex life and experience new sensations.

If before intimate affinity because of excitement there are problems with an erection, generic Viagra or Levitra can help to have a good sex.

Excitement before sexual intercourse is quite common, as a man is afraid to appear before an inferior partner. The result of such excitement is a weak erection or lack of it. If you buy generic Viagra, then you can solve up to 95% of such cases, as its result is guaranteed.

It is important to know that taking generics Viagra, Cialis and Levitra is aimed at strengthening potency. If it is absent for some other reason, the use of such drugs may be useless. In this situation, it is necessary to contact a profile doctor who will perform a comprehensive treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The effectiveness of taking generics Viagra and Levitra is 80-85%, so a stable erection should occur at the necessary time after taking. A very important factor on which the effect of the drug depends is the presence of sexual desire. If there is no such desire, then the erection cannot be caused by any tablets or other means. It is important to know that taking several tablets in order to accelerate the effect or increase the duration of an erection significantly increases the load on the cardiovascular system, and this can lead to problems (especially for people aged or having chronic diseases).

Diabetics who have insulin dependence can take generic Viagra and generic Levitra. Moreover, the second variant is more acceptable, since this drug has a milder effect and has significantly lower contraindications.