Sildenafil Citrate

Medications of Kamagra series are manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Cipla known all over the world. Kamagra is manufactured under strict quality control and in compliance with all manufacturing standards. Kamagra pills contain an active ingredient which is identical to original drugs made by worldwide known brands. And an attractive Kamagra price set by the manufacturer enables consumers to purchase the highest-quality product at a reasonable price.
The drug is prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction. Having taken the drug, a man becomes able to get a penile erection and maintain it, which is essential for a proper sexual intercourse. Sexual stimulation is required so that the product could be maximally effective.
The recommended dose for adult males is 50 mg. It must be taken one hour before a sexual activity. In some cases, with allowances made for tolerability and efficiency of the drug, the dose is increased up to 100 mg, which is the highest possible dose. Recommended frequency for taking the drug is once a day. Before purchasing Kamagra Gold, you must learn that it make take longer time for sildenafil to become active if pills are taken together with meals. So you’d better take this drug on an empty stomach. As far as elderly patients are concerned, dose adjustments are not required for them. Moreover, Kamagra price is significantly different from its counterparts, so it is affordable for any men of any age.
You can easily order and buy tablets of Kamagra of the dosage of 100mg in the online stores.

Kamagra 100mg

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